Lexolve is a B2B software as a service tool developed by Lawbotics AS, in close collaboration with dedicated and knowledgeable pilot customers within the enterprise segment such as law firms and in-house legal departments.

Founded in 2017, Lawbotics has already gotten recognition as one of the most innovative companies in Norway by the magazine Innomag. The company has also created a community of “legal techers” with more than 1,100 members making it one of the world’s largest legal tech communities, and are organizing frequent meetups. Click here to check out our next event!

They also took the initiative to organize the first legal hackathon in Norway together with 20+ benchmark companies in 2018, which you can read about here. They are already planning the next one which will take place 20th to 21st September 2019 as an official pre-event to Oslo Innovation Week 2019.

How Lawbotics came about

While working as a business lawyer, Merete Nygaard always thought about the inaccessibility of law for most people being unfair, as the law should be the foundation of the society, defining rules in everyday living. She always believed that the routine work which leads to the billing of hours in law firms is inefficient, and she found the sharing of legal knowledge to be inadequate.

Nygaard wanted to do something to change this and streamline the workflow around legal documents, so she decided to build a platform that will enable colleagues to easily share knowledge that will teach legal documents creators to work more efficient and transparent. She started Lawbotics in 2017, together with co-founder Alexander Schwantes.

Lawbotics has developed an innovative tool called LEXOLVE to streamline parts of the legal processes that take place in all companies – namely the creation of legal contracts and other documents. By letting legal experts automate their own legal documents using our software, we make it easy for businesses to increase the quality of their legal documents while saving a significant amount of time and resources.

Lawbotics’ ultimate goal is to make legal work more efficient, transparent, and accessible to all types of companies and organizations, to be used within all jurisdictions.

Meet the team

We are a small and flexible core team with innovative “outside of the box” thinkers that challenge the ordinary work processes in the legal sector. We are currently seeking new people to become part of our team.

Merete Nygaard

Merete Nygaard

Merete is our CEO and the person who started the journey of Lawbotics.

After many years working as a business lawyer, she decided to create something lasting rather than continue billing hours. By using technology to streamline legal work processes, she is now automating part of her previous job. She is very passionate about what she is working with now, and believes that she is finally experiencing what having a perfect job feels like.

Alexander Schwantes

Alexander Schwantes

Alexander is our CTO and co-founder of Lawbotics.

Alex is originally from Brisbane, Australia, and therefore tries to introduce Vegemite as a regular lunch at Lawbotics. Working with Alex involves a lot of jokes and laughter. He is an educated software engineer and has over ten years of experience as a quality assurance manager from a number of different startups and other companies in Australia, UK, Mexico and Norway.

Nicholas Leidenfelt

Nicholas is our Head of Product.

Nicholas is a previous football player that fell in love with technology. With over 10 years experience working with product management from brand such as Saxo Bank, Aftenposten, VG and FINN, it’s now Lawbotics` turn to experience the effect of having a Product Owner. Nicholas is the office’s mood booster with his positive energy and high pace. Working with product development in Lawbotics entails working in a dynamic environment, continuously improving and have fun while doing it.

Maria Paula Botero

Maria Paula Botero

Maria is our Head of People Operations.

Maria is from Costa Rica, so every now and then we learn some Spanish from her. She is currently doing her Master’s Degree at BI in Leadership and Organisational Psychology, so she works with us part-time. She is the person in our company who focuses on building a great organisational culture and ensuring we have a high performing team. She also helps with recruitment and other Human Resources tasks in our company.

Kasper Herløv

UX Lead.

Kasper is a creative problem-solver driven by curiosity and the desire to create; a designer and a strategist who basically just loves to solve (crazy) problems. He moved recently from Denmark to join us on this journey! In his free time he enjoys cooking and having dinner with friends, following the Premier League (Spurs <3), skiing and reading the weekend paper on real old-school paper.

Rodolfo Bunney

Rodolfo is our Back-End Tech Lead.

Rodolfo is a software engineer from Oslo. He’s a patient, enthusiastic and curious guy with extensive experience.

Julie Eldøy

Julie works with Customer Support.

Julie is a woman with many things happening at the same time. Being both a law student and studying Informatics at the same time, she’s a perfect match for Lawbotics.  With a foot in each the disciplines of tech and law she’s able to take good care of our customers and contribute to our product development. Dedication, ambitiousness and being service-minded are the three adjectives that describe her best. In her free time she loves learning new things and playing with her dog.

Leo-Andreas Ervik

Back-end developer.

Leo is a software developer who has worked for companies such as Apotek 1, Visma, NAV, and FINN. He grew up in Brighton, England and moved to Oslo in 2010. After a few odd jobs as a waiter, salmon farmer and production worker he started creating applications and decided to pursue a career in software development. Leo likes to focus on continuous delivery, clean architecture and security.

Ahmet Acer

Front-end developer.

Ahmet has been coding since age 17. He began by developing plugins for online games and has developed many ERP projects, web apps, mobile apps, and embedded apps for numerous clients as a freelancer. In his free time, he likes to keep himself updated in new technologies and experimenting with them. He also enjoys going to the gym and cooking.

Lawbotics in the Media

During Lawbotics’ first fall, several Norwegian newspapers have written about Lawbotics, among other things Dagens Næringsliv , Finansavisen and Shifter , while the lawyer’s trade sheet The Advokatbladet has covered Lawbotics in several articles and Telenor has interviewed Lawbotics in his Planet Entrepreneur blog . This tells us that there is a growing interest in legal tech, which we think is very fun!