About Lexolve

Lexolve is a series of products built by Lawbotics in Oslo. We are aiming to close the gap between legal knowledge and legal need to bring legal certainty to everyone.

About us

Founded in 2017, Lawbotics has already gotten recognition as one of the most innovative companies in Norway by the magazine Innomag. We are committed to the cause of resolving the inaccessibility and inefficiencies in the business of law by enabling legal professionals to give their customers and employees legal superpowers with our Lexolve products.

In our dedication to advocate innovation in the legal industry we have also built one of the world largest communities of people interested in the intersection of law and technology - join the movement by joining one of our Oslo Legal Tech Meetups!

They say communities are strengthen through hardship - so we have also initiated and organized Legal Hackathons in Norway together with 25+ benchmark companies for two consecutive years:  24 hours of teamwork to generate solutions to facilitate access to justice - which you can read all about here.

Founding story

After working as a business lawyer for almost a decade in some of Norway's top tier law firms, Merete Nygaard was getting increasingly frustrated by the inadequate way legal knowledge was shared between lawyers and their clients, as well as between lawyers themselves. She always thought that not only the lawyers, but also the users of law, should be empowered to understand the implications of the legal decisions they were making everyday in their businesses.

Nygaard wanted to do something to change this and left her job in 2016 to figure out how technology could help close this gap. She founded Lawbotics in 2017,  at quickly got co-founder and CTO Alexander Schwantes on board for the journey.

Lawbotics’ ultimate goal is to make legal work easier for businesses and the people working in them all over the world, and is today enabling legal certainty for all through the Lexolve Self-Service platforms and Lexolve Market.
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