Customer Self-Service

Give your customers
legal superpowers

Retain customers
Reduce costs

For every customer out there chances are they are feeling anxious every time they make a legal document. With Lexolve you can automate document creation and enable your customers to handle everything by themselves.
A better experience for less money.

Reduce support and
A great experience with
your brand
Integrates with
your existing systems
Reduce support

Help every step of the way

Reduce customer support calls through helpful guiding text enabling your customers to make legal documents entirely on their own.
Branded Experience

Make it

With Lexolve you can offer Legal Self-Service as your own - from questionnaire design and template design to custom emails and website plugins.

Works with your offering

Through our Document Integration your customers will be able to offer their documents through your existing website or service portal.

“Lexolve' automated contracting system is a be huge resource saving both for the lawyers in our organisation and our 220,000 members which are diligent users of our contracts.”

Morten Fæste
Lawyer, Huseierne
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Don't just hire more people. Empower the ones you have.

With Lexolve your legal professionals can help more customers, members, employees and colleagues than ever before. Our offering can easily be adjusted to different use cases and our pricing reflects the way your organization will benefit from Lexolve.

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