Lexolve Market

Give your business
legal superpowers

Legal certainty is now
for everyone

Quit using Google to find legal documents! With Lexolve Market we enable small businesses to charge and handle a host of legal challenges themselves easily and at a price point open to everyone.

Lexolve Market is currently live in Norway in cooperation with a series of Norwegian Law-Firms invested in changing the way legal works.

Lexolve Market
Wide selection

Get the documents you need

Choose between a wide selection of legal documents targeted the needs for small businesses. The documents are made by legal professionals so you can focus on developing your company and not worry that the paperwork will come back to haunt you.
No surprises

The price is right. And simple.

No need to locate a lawyer for the simple things. Using our simple payment solution you can get access to legal documents for a fixed price without any surprises.
Friendly questionnaire

Customize the document to your needs

Instead of staring at a Word document you can make the document yours using our friendly questionnaire. Questions come along with help text written by legal professionals to help you get it right.
Digital signing

Getting to yes, faster

Once your document is ready you can easily send it for signing with BankID or email. If you wish it is also possible to download it as a PDF if you prefer putting actual pen to actual paper.

You'll be in good company.

Lexolve Market is made reality in partnership with a host of law firms with each their specialty to ensure you get the right advice, every time.

Legal certainty is now for everyone

Give your business legal superpowers today with Lexolve Market

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