How it works

Lexolve is a multi-sided platform that gives users the power to manage both templates and contracts in the same place. Read below how you can create both automated templates and generate documents in a few, easy, steps.

Template Management

With Lexolve’s flexible and easy-to-use self service tool you can custom your own templates, making sure all internal users always use the latest template version to generate legal documents.

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Document Management

Use the document generator to generate custom, error-free documents and get them signed faster than ever, with a step-by-step guide making sure you take the correct choices.

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Template management

Use our native text editor to write your legal template in much the same way you are familiar with from Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

Create questions you want to ask when filling in the document and connect them with sections of the template.

Publish the finished template to make it available for your organization.

Contract template editor

Customize your own contract templates in line with your company brand and guidelines.

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Document management

Choose the relevant template you need to start creating your document.

Answer questions following a step-by-step guide to get a customised legal document.

Edit, store or send it for digital signing.

Contract creator

Generate custom, error-free contracts faster than ever

Screenshot of Lexolve software

Want to experience how it works for yourself?

Request a demo and we will give you the necessary introduction to how you create templates and can start using it within your company.

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