Alex Schwantes, CTO of Lawbotics

Introducing our team: Alex

10 May 2018
Tell us about yourself, Who are you? I’m an Aussie living in Oslo. I’m a software engineer with a passion for automation. I want to ‘automate all the things’ in every aspect of life. For example, I created an electric thermostat with microelectronics to control my heater. It’s integrated into my home automation system and… View Article
Maria, HR intern at Lawbotics

My Experience as an Intern in Lawbotics

06 Feb 2018
Joining the Lawbotics team as an intern has been an amazing experience! Before I tell you more about it, you should get to know my background, to understand the lens through which I see the company every day. I have been studying Psychology at IE University in Madrid for three years, and the past semester… View Article